Measuring Public Opinion with Web Intelligence

Quick & Simple Work procedures

Automated Public Opinion Measurement at Scale


Set Measurement Scope

Enter a brand name, personal name or any topic to start measuring


Measure Public Opinion

Identify and measure sentiment behind all relevant online mentions


Auto-Processing Public Opinion

Automatically aggregate & analyze collected data in a unified report

Detailed & reliable insights from dozens of sources

AI-Driven Public Opinion Monitoring Platform

Measure WEBINT Data

  • Social Media Groups
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Calling & Messaging Apps
  • Search Engines
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Management & Reporting

  • Automated Reporting
  • Public Opinion Timeline
  • Rival Comparison Dashboard
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  • Discover Most Relevant Social Groups
  • Identify Popular Related Keywords
  • Auto-Aggregate Data Within a Unified Report
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AI Investigation Tools

  • Social Link Analysis
  • NLP Sentiment Analysis
  • Social Post Timelines
  • Image/Keyword Alerts
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Industry-Leading Public Opinion Measuring Platform

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